Performance drastically degrade from 8.1.1 to 8.1.2/3 in the desinger view

When I upgrade my project from 8.1.1 to 8.1.2/3, unfortunately, the performance in the design is degraded drastically. This mostly happens when opening a view in the designer with the embedded views.
It seems everything is frozen.
The runtime in the browser doesn’t impact a lot.
For example the loading time from 3 to 5 sec in 8.1.1 change to 1min in 8.1.2.
This is 8.1.1:

This is 8.1.3 and took so long (3min) so I cut the recording:

I try to delete all embedded views, and the page working normally.
It definitely for embedded view which cause every thing freeze for long long time.
I tested it with so many different pages.
For example the view which loaded in 5 sec now load 2min!!!

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Hi, no answers for you yet, but there are multiple eyeballs on this now internally…


I faced the same issue and I changed the UI InDesign without using embedded view and the designer works fine

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We’ve identified the cause of this slowdown, and it is fixed by an upcoming change to the way quality overlays are rendered. We’ll update this thread when it drops into the 8.1.4 nightly.


Following the nightly updates

I’ve been running 8.1.4 RC1 for a week now and noticed that the performance in Designer has improved, but there are still slowdowns occurring when working with multiple embedded views.
I have an embedded view with 8 labels and 2 text inputs, with it used 10 times on a view, any changes I make can still result in a slowdown for 30s+.
At least the views that were completely un-editable are reasonable.

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For me it is much better than 8.0.3 but still as you mentioned the performance is not good as before. The type of binding and number or binding in embedded view send important here.
It seems we will have 8.1.4rc2

Embedded view performance will increase significantly* in 8.1.5.

*so I’m told

I’ll be able to confirm hopefully within the week when I get a test build


Did you test the new 8.1.5 release for embedded view performance?

We’re testing this for a smaller part of the project this morning in 2hrs, and testing the juicier project on Monday (4 days) hopefully. Although I may use the smaller project to test some of our more complex screens in the bigger project this morning as well

Not good news for us i’m afraid :frowning:

I guess so.

I’ve been so busy not working in the UI stuff that I’ve now seen this problem as well. It sounds like the 8.1.5 did resolve the performance hits with embedded views? The designer is nearly impossible to work in due to to this. Everything is an embedded view!