Performance Issue

I transferred my FPMI/FSQL to a new computer, and my cpu usage went from 40-60% on the old system to 5-15% on the new system. Looks like it is a hardware issue, but I am gonna reinstall XP on the original computer.

System 1 specs:
Dell( might be bloated with software)
AMD Sempron 3400+, single core 64 bit processor
2 Gb of DDR2-533 ram
60 Gb HD (probably SATA)

System 2 Specs
AMD X2 3800+, dual core 64 bit processors
2 Gb DDR-400 ram
300 Gb HD SATA

Not too sure what makes up for the performance difference, whether its the higher perfomance system 2, or the fact that the system 1 was built by Dell and might have some bloat installed on it. Doesnt seem to be an AMD 64 bit proccessor issue as Travis had mentioned to check for. Tests where performed using the MYSQL 1.9 connector, I have not reverted to 1.7 yet. I will continue testing later in the new week.

If anybody else has some stats on the systems they are running, and what the processor/ram/hd is, this might be helpful.

Those numbers are surprising especially for the first computer. Would you mind noting the version of FactorySQL/FactoryPMI, your .NET frameworks (from add/remove hardware). Also please note what processes are using the most CPU time. We might investigate MySQL, your my.ini file, drivers, etc. I’m also curious to hear what the reinstall does.

Hi Nathan. I have been working with Travis, Colby and Carl regarding this issue for a few weeks now. FSQL and FPMI are all version 3/2 respectively, but i have noticed the with the whole series of sub releases. Most of the CPU is used between FSQL, MYSQL, and the System processes, which makes me believe it might be a storage problem.