Performance slow after upgrade from 8.1.1 to 8.1.2/3

Has anyone else noticed a performance hit after upgrade from 8.1.1 to either 8.1.2 or 3? I installed both 8.1.2 and 8.1.3 and both take 2-3 seconds longer to open the same popups in 8.1.1. I plan on calling IA next week, just curious if anyone has seen issues after upgrading.

Could be the same thing as here: Performance drastically degrade from 8.1.1 to 8.1.2/3 in the desinger view

This is Vision, but maybe related. No way I’ll upgrade until this is fixed, I rolled back to 8.1.1. Thanks for the reply.

Get in touch with support, that other thread was strictly a Perspective issue.

I had planned to Monday, thanks.

Did you ever get this resolved? We upgraded from 8.0 to version 8.1.7 and had performance issues with our vision clients. Did you find a solution or are you still using 8.1.1?

Not really. I created this thread, as it looked like my issues were related to tag() and runScript().

I couldn’t get IA to replicate or find anything wrong. But, there was definitely a problem. I went and stripped all tag() and runScript() references and it resolved my issues. I had wanted to do that before, this issue forced me to.