Periodic data transfer form client to historian

I'm interested in transitioning to ignition so I downloaded maker edition at home to do some testing. In the past I have used a combination of Kepserver and Canary Labs non-relational database to store data in a historian. The transfer is handled by their 'logger' and store and forward. I've also experimented with OPC router to initiate periodic transfers between client and server. What is the preferred method of accomplishing this in ignition? I have successfully done it by the following steps but I do not know if it is the only way or the preferred method.

  1. Created a history provider using the internal historian
  2. Added device and connected with ModbusTCP
  3. Created perspective session and added tags for this device
  4. Turned on history for these tags at a rate of 1 sec.
  5. Created a report to look at some statistical information on these tags.

I keep thinking that the logical place to setup a bunch of tags for historical data is in the Status of Configuration tab of the main page, not in the designer. Is this just a paradigm shift I need to endure or is there another way. It seems strange to me that I need to accomplish this in designer.

Tag setup, including historization, is all in the designer.