Permgen space error/Random crashing

I have one project that randomly crashes the designer about 5 minutes after opening it (becomes unresponsive and I have to close the java executable in the task manager). The most recent time, I also noticed an out of memory: permgen space error popped up as well. Is there some way to increase the memory allocated when you launch the designer?

For what its worth, after it hangs, when I just leave it open, the memory usage just climbs. Its usually ~290MB when it hangs, but climbs at about 1MB/sec after that.

It’s curious that a single project keeps running out of PermGen space. Normally PermGen space is used to hold Java class definitions in memory. What kind of objects do you have in your project? Also, how much memory do you have available on your box? As for increasing allocated memory, there are a couple ways you can do it. The first way is to download the Designer .jnlp from the Gateway and edit it. There are some memory settings under the Resources section that you can increase, such as max-heap-size and MaxPermSize. After saving, you can double-click the .jnlp file to execute it. Another way to do this would be to use native client launchers. You would need to open clientlauncher-data/launch.xml and add settings to the max-heap section and the jvm-args section, like so:

<max-heap>512m</max-heap> <jvm-args>-XX:MaxPermSize#128m</jvm-args>
This is a more permanent solution than modifying the .jnlp file, since you have to keep editing the .jnlp file if you need to download it again.

Looks like its fixed. I did not have to change the max-heap size. I talked to someone at IA support and ended up needing to uninstall Java 6 from my machine. Java 7 update 45 was installed, but not being picked up for some reason when the designer was opened. Appears to be working now. Thanks.