Permission to create a desktop launcher

I am setting up a Linux client to auto login and autorun an ignition project. All seems to work except I always get a security warning about creating a desktop launcher. The “always allow” box is grayed out so I can’ t check it. I have disabled the firewall and selinux and no change. Using Fedora15 Linux (gnone 3 desktop). Is there anyway to setup a project or the gateway to not install the desktop launcher on a client? I am a Linux newb - can anyone help me out with a security setting in Linux to fix this?


It is actually a Java setting on the client. If you open the Java Control Panel you can set the Shortcut Creation to Never Allow under the Advanced tab.

Thanks Travis,

Works perfectly now.

I found the setting in itweb-settings under “Desktop Integration” located at: /usr/lib/jvm/jre-1.6.0/bin/