Perpective Table Date Column is Unformatted in Python

I have a simple line of code to display the formatted date from the selected row in a table. PeriodEnd column is configured with the correct name, Render=date, DateFormat is MM/DD/YYYY HH:mm:ss The date displays properly in the table when I reference it with a script the date is not formatted. Displays as 1682524800000

How do I get the formatted value in script???


Because the underlying data for dates and timestamps is milliseconds UTC (required to format on the browser end, with proper timezone handling). In a script, use to get the true date object. Do not do formatting in scripts--that will screw up timezones if the client and the gateway are different. For databases, pass the date object itself into your named queries or scripted "Prep" queries--again, without string formatting.

Thank you !! Exactly what I needed. Solved.

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