Persistent scheduled-tag-reads thread


I create this topic to have more explanations about a persistent scheduled-tag-reads thread.

We developped a custon Java driver. This dirver contains few OPC tags. So, when I created a device of this type of driver, these tags are displayed in the Ignition OPC-UA server. When I drag these OPC tags in the Ignition tags structure (to create local tags), Ignition create a new thread, normally named DeviceName- scheduled-tag-reads. This thread is used to update local Ignition tags from the driver OPC tags.

But, if I remove the device and delete all Ignition tags that are linked to the device, the scheduled-tag-reads thread stays alive. The only way to kill this thread is to restart the gateway.

There is an other way to remove or kill this thread when the device is deleted?


Has your driver overridden the shutdown() method without calling super.shutdown()?

Kevin, you’re totally right!