Perspective 8.0.14 Time Series Bar Chart width

I have the chart displaying how I would like, but can not change the width of the bars in the chart.

I noticed the scatter render type has a radius parameter, am I missing something for the bar render type?



@Mason.Younger, you’re not missing anything. There isn’t a setting for bar width. The width is calculated automatically based on the number of data points being displayed on the chart.

This question has come up before. Since there is interest, I will open a ticket to allow for width adjustment.


Hi @jball , If the bar thickness is being calculated automatically then how are people able to create bar charts that look like this:


I have a stacked bar chart with just 7 data points (along time axis) and I still get thin lines instead of thick bars!!

Hi @Mason.Younger , it’s awesome you were able to draw those 3 horizontal lines for Best, Flex, Target, could you please share how you were able to achieve this?

@arun1, you likely have your 7 data points spread out over a long period of time. That longer period of time will create an X axis (time axis) that is much wider, and sparse data will result in thin bars. The first example has a few points spread out over a very short period of time. The second example is the XY Chart (as opposed to the Time Series Chart).

Yup you are correct, my 7 data points were spread out over 7 days. I switched to XY chart after you pointed it out and was able to get it to work after a lot of trial and error. Is there a place where I can post the steps taken to create such a stacked bar graph? might as well save others some time, there is no point in reinventing the wheel :neutral_face:

You’re welcome to create a new post in this forum and cross-link to the this thread as reference. I think others would certainly find that helpful.

Where can I find the steps you took to achieve your stacked bar chart? I am looking to do the same. TIA.

@valerie.garciakutlu Sorry about the long delay, I had moved on to other projects. It must be too late to help you but here it is any way:

Here is the write up:

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