Perspective 8.0.2. Missing Properties

Missing Several PROPS for components and views in Perspective. Is there something I may have overlooked with the update to 8.0.2

Do you have a specific example of what you’re missing, or what you’re expecting to see? What component/container/view/etc? If you look at the view.json file on disk (<install dir>/data/projects/<projectname>/com.inductiveautomation.perspective/views/path/to/view/view.json) does it have the properties you are expecting?

Specifically one I am working on is a Column view/container. I do not have the Columns PROP. Opening the view.json file I do not see this property.

The columns property was deprecated in 8.0.1:

Thanks. Any quick tips for something different??

I would like 16 columns for a 16 bit word status interface.