Perspective 8.1.26 Report Showing <N/A> in some cells

I am fairly new to Ignition and trying to create a report based on historical data.

I create a tag historian data base

I then populate some cells

However, on preview I see some values but some show N/A. On the right side of the screen I can see that they do have values, but I cannot figure why it shows N/A on the left?

One thing I do notice is that the @@ on the values that work are right up next to the letters and the @@ on the values that show N/A are have the right @ spaced one space from the last letter. I did manually move it back next to the right most letter, but that did nothing.

Any ideas?

Thank you.

Can you show the properties tab for that cell? Wondering if there's a format issue

N/A is the default to show for nulls in datasets. If your data definitely isn't null, check your keys.

I'm also wondering if there's a space at the end of your data key alias for those that's causing issues


I wonder if it's the trailing spaces in the key names getting normalized somewhere in the process.

These are the properties of the N/A cell

These are the properties of the good cell

I use the same key - below is a pic. I believe you are asking about the Data Key. The table is using that one tag_history key. If you are referring to another key please let me know.

It's 100% the trailing spaces on the columns. Look at the XML document closely; the two values that aren't working are the ones with trailing whitespace.
Fix those two columns in your data source and then update the table cells accordingly and it should start working.


In your tag_history query, remove any spaces at the end of the data key alias


I agree. Wow @ PGriffth and Ryan_Allen. It was ONE space to the right in the Data Key Alias that was giving it the N/A. That one had me stumped all morning. Thankful for this forum :slight_smile:

Now it all works

Thank you al again!!

Now I know :slight_smile: