Perspective 8.1.3 Locking the Page from ZOOM

Is there a way to stop a page from zooming in with the mouse wheel? I've searched for a solution, but it appears the browser dictates this feature. Is there a method to detect the screen size and constantly adjust to that exact size? I frequently encounter screens that are zoomed in and scrolled to the side, making it appear as though the screen is non-functional. It's quite the challenge dealing with some workers who want to avoid working as much as possible...

You're missing several key bits of information:

  1. Operating system?
  2. Browser and version?
  3. Did you check the mouse driver to see if you can disable the wheel? (You'd also need to disable the keyboard Ctrl+ and Ctrl- zoom hotkeys as well as any View | Zoom menus.)
  4. Did you check for browser plug-ins that might help?

If it's mostly user error, can you recommend they use the Perspective Workstation? They can then open and close it when they like, like a browser. Can even add a desktop shortcut that links to the project youy want

im not able to modify anything with the Thinclient application pc. They are a custom kernal linux with touch screens. Is there anything that is related to . maximum-scale=1 or user-scalable=no ... attributes that perspective is able to use .