Perspective 8.1.3 Table Sorting when Headers are numbers

Im Looking for a way to remove all sorting on a table and display data as per the query results. Im find even if i define the columns in order it still wants to put the settings column to the far right. I need the settings column on the left. The data is parsed with external script from multiple websites and added to mysql tables.
Query Results:

Table Auto sorting for some reason:

In your columns property, are you exactly matching the case of the data's column names?


Ok i think i got it. i didnt see it was putting a , in the number

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I think you are going to keep running into trouble as long as your column names can be interpreted as numbers.

Yes i think so aswell . It was a pain with mysql as the table names are the numbers i needed ``. I put a generic name infront of the number hopefully it will help . thanks for your help