Perspective 8.1 barcode scanner input with bug?

The Barcode scanner input component worked great. Then we updated the gateway on version 8.1. And component doesn’t work more. If I test the component in the designer, it works, but from the session, it doesn’t work. It looks like it is the wrong prefix, but it’s not.
As I couldn’t find any information about any update on this component, I am assuming that component is with a bug. Is it?

That component comes from Sepasoft. They haven’t published any of their modules for v8.1 yet. You’ll have to contact their support.

Sepasoft MES Downloads | Sepasoft MES Solutions has all of their versions, and it seems 8.0.16 is the newest Ignition version supported as pointed out above

I didn’t install an additional module for the barcode scanner input component. Also, this component is in the Ignition manual. Why will I need to contact Sepasoft?

Oops. Same named component in Vision, and would have explained your problem.