Perspective 8.1 RC2 - Time series chart broken

I’ve found some things broke after upgrading from 8.0 to 8.1 RC2:

Looks like when I use historical data as the datasource, the chart doesnt read the data correctly. The chart will draw the “value” column , but the x-trace and the legend will say “t_stamp” instead. Also, if I add trends and columns, some of them won’t show up, and the ones that do show, have values from the wrong columns.

I’ve solved the problem by using value format “Document” instead of “Dataset” in the binding options. However, I get a bunch of errors messages:
series[X].data[x]: object found, array expected
time: is missing but it is required

I think by default the chart is looking for the column “time” and the dataset has “t_stamp” instead. I couldn’t find a property to specify the time column name.


I’m having the same issue. It’s been there since 8.1 rc1.

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Exactly what I’m seeing. Using “Document” instead of “Dataset” fixed it for now, but hopefully, we’ll get a full fix on RC3.

The Time Series Chart is horrible since the update. I’m on 8.1.1 and a whole bunch of stuff that worked just fine doesn’t work at all. Going to Document seems to help some of it, I agree. I still feel like the display is bogged down though.


We’ve addressed the issue with the time series chart and the x-trace in RC3, which is coming next week.

We’re also investigating a possible regression with the performance of the time series chart, but no ETA on that quite yet. I imagine it will be done before the final release if we can narrow down the issue and a proper fix.