Perspective 8.1: Views have been changed into folders

My views I have worked on have turned into folders, there was a couple threads back with this same issue but there was no real solution aside from it being mentioned to be patched out. Is there a way to get them back into their view form. The project folder still has the views with their respective json files and thumbnail.

Additional error logs for the problem,

This error occurred after I switched branches on my github of my project. I switched to main branch to check a few things then switched back to this current branch. I did some more research and found it could be a problem with resource.json files, I did take a look into them and saw they had many extra lines which I deleted but still nothing. Im starting to think it is a change somewhere else in the project folder or with the gateway.

I have managed to restore my views, I ended up deleting my whole project folder and restoring only my projects while letting ignition generate a .resource folder. I then went into the project and created empty views of the same name and then replacing the json files with the original files. I also edited the json files because GitHub added some extra text that should not belong there, updated the project and most of the content was back.

Moving forward I think no omitting the .resource folder in the gitnore might have caused it, not 100 percent sure but I will be making more frequent backups now.