Perspective: Accessing Output Params in a View

I am trying to access some output params in a view I made, where that view is used in an Embedded View (which is in a Flex container <- not sure that matters, as, I tried this with and without it). The problem I am having is that the output params don’t seem to be accessible anywhere that I can find. They do not show up in the property binding searches, nor can I seem to access them through params.{name}.

The documentation says, “the output values will appear as properties” ( from: ), but like I said, I can’t seem to find them.

Thank you for your help ahead of time,


I typically have to generate them. I’m assuming when you say embedded view, you are using the component, so you should have a params property in properties. Just declare the name the same as on the other side and if your direction matches(input/output/bidirectional) it should work.


That works, thank you very much.