Perspective Ad Hoc Trends Color



I’ve recently downloaded Matthew Raybourn’s Perspective Ad Hoc Trending project off of Ignition Exchange (great work Matt!). I’ve been modifying this project to suit my needs, but had a question regarding the color column of the Timeseries chart. Currently, the color column displays rgba values, which are not easy to discern what color is displayed. I’m wondering if I can either:

  1. translate the rgba value to display the color that the trend is as text
  2. replace this with a color palette tool

Was wondering if anyone has come across this before. Thanks in advance!



Thanks! I’m glad you like the Perspective Ad Hoc chart!

  1. Translate the rgba value to text - Automatically translating from rgba values to standard color names would be a bit difficult, but you can always manually swap out those values for standard color names. If you look in view.custom.colors[], you will see each color stored as an object. The ‘color’ key stores the desired color as a string, so you can simply change them to red/blue/green.
  2. Color Palette Tool - You can certainly do that! There is a Color Picker on the Exchange that Travis created. The table component allows you to embed a view in a cell, instead of displaying a value. For that, you could try creating a view that simply displays a given color, with a click event that opens up the Color Picker as a popup. You can then use Perspective messaging to update components as needed.