Perspective Ad Hoc Trends - Starting Tag Folder

I’m using the Perspective Ad Hoc Trends chart by Matthew Raybourn.

I only need to use it for one tag folder. Does anyone know a way to limit the tree to start in a folder so my users don’t have to navigate the entire tag structure?

Are you using the latest version, for 8.1? Or is this the previous version, for 8.0?

I’m using 1.0.4 with 8.0.12,. I won’t have an opportunity to upgrade to 8.1 for a few weeks.

On of our end users found another quirk last week. I have some tags that only record on change, mainly setpoints. When they plot it draws a straight line between the points and extrapolates values for them. Is there a way to have the value remain the same until the change?

If these are easier to setup, or are already in the new version, then I’ll wait until we can upgrade.


In the 8.0 version, you can modify the script transform on the items[] binding in the tag tree and change the initial path provided.

if value:
	tags = browseHistoricalTags('')
	tags = browseTags('')

In the newer version, there is a starting path for the Power Chart in the chart’s configuration properties.

For the interpolation issue with your setpoint tags, you should check to make sure those tags are using discrete mode.

Thank You!

Also, thanks for the tip on the discrete mode. I’m new to ignition and assumed that was only for binary tags. I read the documentation on it, changed my tags, and it’s working the way I needed it to now.