Perspective - Advanced stylesheet - import

Is there a way to able to import an external .css file into the stylesheet of the Advanced feature?

I want to create more than 1 file to have 1 element by file, like themes in the perspective modules.

I have tried by creating a folder "css" at root of the project but it not working.


and put the import the stylesheet


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This would be awesome! Following this thread...

No, this isn't currently possible. The stylesheet is a single text file, unconditionally. That may change over time, or there may be some other avenue for greater customization provided, but right now, what you see is what you get.

I guess if that level of granularity is needed (per-component CSS files), you may as well create a theme at that point. The Advanced Stylesheet is an awesome feature to add one-off CSS fixes for annoying things that the Style Classes don't cover or hiding/modifying certain component styles without having to use injection or add extra theme files, or at least, that's what I use it for.

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