Perspective Alarm Display

Is there a way to get the Perspective Alarm Display to only display alarms of a certain level, similar to the Vision Alarm Display.
I want to only display ‘critical’ alarms.


If you’re looking to have greater control over Perspective’s Alarm Status Table component, I would recommend upgrading your Ignition version to one of the latest nightly builds (version 8.0.8+). At least as of the build I’m on from Jan 7th, there are a ton of more options for customizing and filtering alarm tables than in previous versions.

When and if you do upgrade, you can easily change what filters the alarm status table is using by going into props.filters.priorities, where you’ll see checkboxes that allow you to do what you’re asking:


If you’re referring to the Alarm Journal Table, you only need to select the priority “pre-filter” you would like to see from the Pre-Filter Popover:

I just downloaded the latest version which is 8.0.7.
Where can I find 8.0.8?

On the Downloads page, you would want to select the “Other operating systems and versions” option, and then select the “8.0.8 RC1” option, or the 8.0.9 Nightly.

You’re not able to see the 8.0.8 option at this time because we’re in the process of producing the 8.0.8 Release Candidate. It should be up later today unless we encounter any issues, at which point it would be available tomorrow.