Perspective Alarm Filtering by Display Path


I’m trying to filter alarms based on the alarm’s display path. The process should be pretty simple, but I’m having some issues.

I will use the Hi and HiHi alarms as examples. The display paths are Pump PSI/PV/Hi and Pump PSI/PV/HiHi

When I use the display path exactly as listed, the table does not show any results.

There is nothing in the path before Pump, but adding a wild card before Pump and up to after PV works to show all the associated alarms.

Since I want to filter for HiHi and Hi, I modified the display path to (wildcard)Pump PSI/PV/H(wildcard) and nothing shows up. There are wild cards before and after the string so why doesn’t the table show Hi and HiHi Alarms?

Thank you,

I’m not able to replicate this.

What version are you using?

I’m using Version: 8.1.1 (b2020120808)

I tried again to make sure I pressed enter after the wildcard. As soon as I press enter, the alarms disappear. Here is a little clip:

I just upgraded to 8.1.3 and I still have the same problem. Adding the wildcard after the last forward slash also hides all the alarms.

This is version 8.1.3

Version: 8.1.30 - there is still this problem