Perspective Alarm journal export


Is there a way to export to excel the content of a Perspective Alarm journal?


you will have to use:


This can be used to produce a dataset. From there, it should be possible to use system.dataset.toCSV to produce a CSV file. Then, to save it to the computer, you can use

That does not seems wasy to retreive a list of alarms containing the active duration of each alarms..?

Hi @vrautomation,

each couple of alarms message (Active, cleared) has a common unique id. you could use those to group the same alarm and substract active timestamp from cleared timestamp (You will maybe need to convert it to the format you want (seconds, minutes,...). From my part i would rather use sql query instead of the system.alarm.queryJournal method.
A good start would be the queries used inside this ressource. Ignition Exchange | Inductive Automation would need some modification in function of the sql server you're using. This can return a dataset and you can export dataset to excel with a scripting function.


I did it in SQL. It's working.

But I think there should have a buil-in option to export to excel any data shown in any table in Perspective or Vision.


That's what the feature request site is for.

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