Perspective Alarm Journal: How to Access Selected Alarm

Looking for a method where by a user can select an alarm in the Alarm Journal and then be redirected to related information based on the selected alarm. I don't see any PROPS that show the selected alarm content. Does anyone know how to do this.

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Does have what you're after?

From what I can see (and this is the problem), the Alarm Journal in Perspective (v 8.1.30) does not have this property anywhere that I can find. I tried the syntax just in case this was an "undocumented" PROPS, but it doesn't work. Thanks for your suggestion. (BTW: The Alarm Status Table has a Selection PROPS, but for some reason this is not part of the Alarm Journal).


You're right, I was looking at the status table. The journal doesn't have any selected data... That's not great :confused: I actually don't use this table though since it's not nice viewing individual alarm events; it's much better to view summarised events with all of their info in the one row like active time, ack time, cleared time, active duration, etc. which you can do with a sql query

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