Perspective Alarm Journal Table date range window translate issue

Is there any way to translate this window?
Translator works fine in other parts.
Version 8.1.18-8.1.20.


Yes. Click on Tools-->Translation Manager
Then add the language you want translated, and translate all of the words you want replaced.

Then, change the locale session property to a location that uses the translated language:

Anything that you define in your translation dictionary will automatically translate in your view:

Here are a couple of Inductive Automation resources on this topic:

I'm sorry for the image. The translator works fine in other parts.

I see you have updated the image in your original post, so I'm assuming this is still not resolved. Are you saying that not all of the words and numbers are translating properly, or are you needing something other than a Gregorian calendar? Can you provide an example of what you want the calendar to look like?

I think there is a problem with translation of some of Perspective's bought-in (and adapted) components. From a quick experiment I did we had to do these translations separately using an expression binding. I'll see if I can find the details.

Yes, some words are not translated.

I've replaced date selection and conditional filtering with simpler components. while not coherent, they can be thoroughly localized. In fact, I'm worried that even if the translation works fine, it might still break in some future version, especially those complex components.

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