Perspective Alarm Journal Table Displaying Incorrect Label

I’m having an issue were the alarm history journal component displays the alarm name in the alarm name column and the alarm label column even though all my alarms have labels defined. This is happening with all my alarms, but below is an example of one. Any ideas?

The alarm journal does not store static data when alarms are triggered by default.
Thus, when the journal component tries to retrieve it, it fails to do so.
You can either a: tell the journal to store static configuration, in the journal’s properties, or b: make your label “dynamic” by changing it to an expression binding that just returns the static text ("PLC Connection Lost").

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Hi @PGriffith
Please update…I want to store “Label” values also in the database, connected to Alarm journal table. Currently, I am not getting it. Could you please mentioned where is the option to enable it.