Perspective Alarm Journal Table - Show Alarm Duration

Using the Alarm Journal Table in Perspective, how can I show the duration that an alarm was active? I see that the Alarm Status Table component has a column I can choose called clearTime which would give me information on how long the alarm was active, but I can find no such thing on the Alarm Journal Table component. Does anyone have any solutions to this?



I think you could probably use a stored procedure or a query to get what you’re after. Give it start and end date parameters, and bind a table component to your result set.


This has always been a flaw in the alarm journal table components in both Vision and Perspective: they just show raw data directly from the journal table instead of pivoting event ids together to give you a row per alarm event Id with active/ack/shelved/clear times and then calculate time to clear. It's incredibly difficult for operators to use to analyse alarms. I don't use the default journal component for this reason and perform a query with a pivot to produce how it should be presented inside of a standard Table component. I added an idea from years ago to fix it :person_shrugging:


Can you provide a sample query, please?