Perspective Alarm Journal Table translation

I have some problem translating some terms in the Alarm Journal Table in Perspective (Ignition 8.0.17)

As you can see the key Event Time is translated to “Tempo” in italian but the table still uses the english terms.
Also if I try to add new translations or modify them (like in this case where I wanted to change “Tempo” to “Data e ora”) I click Save and the transaltion I added just disappear, as you can see below.

The translation terms are not the only words that are causing me problems, also the Label is different form what I have defined it in the UDT (it’s “Allarme_portata_uscita_max” but it should be “Allarme portata uscita max”)

On other components like the alarm status table inPerspective or the others Alarm tables in Vision both the translation and the terms defined in the UDT works.

I just realized that I have some problems with the Alarm Status Table, the key Active Time doesn’t get translated

Also I would like to translate Active and Shelved but they don’t appear in the Translation Manager

The Alarm Tables did not fully support translation until just recently. I believe it was 8.1.3. The issues you described should have been resolved as of that time.

I read elsewhere on the forum that it should have been resolved in 8.0.13, but in my project, as you can see, I’m still facing some problems

Without some cited sources I don’t know what to tell you.

I was wrong, as you said it was updated in 8.1.3. Does this mean the translation will not be implemented in 8.0.xx?

Correct - the only fixes we will put into the 8.0.XX versions are critical fixes.