Perspective Alarm Status - alarm details ISA 18.2

Many clients require the ability to access operationally pertinent information when an alarm occurs. Such information includes: Cause, Consequence, Action to be taken, Time to respond (ISA S18.2 stuff).

It would be awesome if these fields were ‘standard’ alarm properties in the tag configuration such that they could be displayed from the ‘Details’ ellipse button. In lieu of that at least be able to return a alarm object from the status table on double click. The ability to perform an action on a selected alarm has been present in most SCADA systems forever. It would be great to see support for this in Perspective.

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Alarms are tied to tags, just create associated data with any alarm in tags configurations.

Maybe like this.

Access or modify it with

And yeah, that will be exposed on Alarm Details too

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And feed your alarm to an alarm pipeline. That can be scripted to act on the alarm as you desire.

I had considered using the associated data, however the intent seems to be geared more toward acquiring a snapshot of data related to the alarm at the time it occurred, and those values are logged with each alarm event. This would seem redundant where the values are static.
My issue with the ‘Details’ popup is the configuration data is included - operators aren’t too interested in this.
As mentioned, having an event off the Alarm Status that could provide the selected alarm object opens up all possibilities for customisation. One for the release wish list.

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The Alarm Status components are on a user interface. If you don’t have the window or view open, the events won’t happen, no matter how well IA implements your wish. If you want to capture what happens at the time of the alarm, use associated data and/or a script in an event pipeline. Those operations happen with or without a user interface open.

Hi Phil, sorry if I wasn’t clear. It’s not alarm events I’m talking about it’s user events (click etc.) that would present additional alarm information for the selected alarm in the Alarm Status. The closest is the ‘Details’ ellipse however the content is the issue. Being able to pop up our own customised view for the selected alarm is what I’m after (or a customisable ‘details’ pop-up).


What’s annoying is that you can’t pre-define these default associated data that should be applied to all alarms, and so you need to add 4,5, or however many you have for every single alarm you add. Of course, I would do this via a script or using jq, but it would be awesome if you could add them as defaults. Good luck though if you have multiple developers and especially multiple integrators working on the system

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Agree, but maybe a good idea is to integrate them to UDTs and use bindings and Alarm event scripting.

The values are static but is just an example. You have bindings to make them dynamic and scripting with Alarm Events. Most of the work is done in the alarm journals, but you can customize to any standard maybe sending snap of data when the event is triggered to a db.
Also what @pturmel said, use alarm pipelines.

How is this done in another softwares? Share some screenshots :smiley:

What about creating your own popup and using the onContextMenu mouse event?


OK, so my colleague just showed me that while there is no selection event, there is a selection property on the Alarm Status (Perspective) component that will allow me (by alarm ID) to source the information from an alarm management database. Thanks for your suggestions.

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Funny you solve yourself issue with everyone suggestions haha.
But yes that was basically what we were saying.