Perspective Alarm Status Table: add buttons or change button style

I have a button that does something with a selected alarm. Is it possible to add it to the left of the Shelve & Ack button instead of a whole new row under the Alarm Status Table? See attached picture. I have a feeling that it might not be possible, such a waste of space :frowning:

If above is not possible then can we easily change the font/color of the Shelve and Ack button? I am guessing it can be done in the theme/css style sheet somewhere in the Ignition folder structure, but will it affect buttons in any other component?

I think you are right, it’s not possible to do via the designer.

This is correct, it is possible via css/theming. It seems that these buttons use the classes “shelveAlarmsButton” and “ackAlarmsButton” which seem pretty unique (but I haven’t checked if they’re used elsewhere), so they may make good selectors:

A combination of the right selectors will ensure that no other buttons get themed incorrectly.

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what contianer are the button and table in?

Flex. I thought about using Coordinate container and placing the button on top of the Alarm status table but realized that the table’s Shelve and Ack appear and disappear based on alarm selection and that would mess with the alignment. Is there a way to lock those two buttons in place?
And in any case Coordinate containers have resizing issues unless all views use it and end user won’t try to view the screens on a smaller screen.

You can use percents in coordinate containers too.
There might be a way to put your button to the right of the other two buttons, that wouldnt mess up the alighnment then right?
I’ll take a look at that tmw


Not to hard to force the footer to stay open
}.psc-AlarmStatusSpecial .alarmTableFoot.ia_alarmTableComponent__foot {height:58px; max-height:58px; min-height:58px;}{

Hmm the other button appears inactive when nothing is selected even if you force the bar to stay open. idk how you will apply that to your button tho. (38.6 KB)

you’ll have to mess with the buttons position a bit its wider because of your text.
Do not drag it! That will override the text, just chance the -335 px

you can also write it like this calc( 100% - 255px - 80px) and chance the 80 for whatever width your button is

changing the size of the bar wasnt that clean, it removes the background too so i left it out but you can play with it like this:
}.psc-AlarmStatusSpecial .alarmTableFoot.ia_alarmTableComponent__foot {height:58px; max-height:58px; min-height:58px; width:calc( 100% - 95px);}{

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Thanks for taking the time to implement it. Few days later there was a request to control shelve/ack operation based on login credential and alarm priority (certain users can only shelve/ack low priority alarms, some can do only medium and some can do all). So I had to create my own shelve/ack button with scripts. That kind of solved my original issue since I hid the default buttons and displayed my buttons wherever I wanted!

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