Perspective Alarm Status Table - Filtering by Most Recent

Hi All,

My ultimate goal is to change the way the alarm status table Filters my alarms (in perspective).

Each tag which has alarms enabled can create multiple alarm events. In other words I could have the following scenario:

I have an ALARM_LOW tag which is Boolean (with an alarm setup on it to be active when the tag is true).

It is false at time 1, it then becomes true at time 2 and then back to false at time 3 and back to true at time 4. This would result in two entries in my alarm status table.

ALARM_LOW, Timestamp 2, (Cleared, Unacked) -------- (1)
ALARM_LOW, Timestamp 4, (Active, Unacked) ---------- (2)

I want to filter my Alarm Status Table to only show the most recent eventID for that alarm, so at time 4 the table would go from showing (1) to showing only (2). Not both (1) and (2).

I have tried extensively to do this using the filterAlarm extension function however this only filters the incoming alarm event.

My initial idea was:
When the filterAlarm extension function fires, check if any of the other alarms events (not the one being fired) have the same name. If so, change their alarm Event displayPath slightly so it wouldn't show in the filtering conditions of the alarm status table. However, the alarm Event properties seem to be read only (which is expected).

Are there any ideas or ways to only show the most recent event of a tag with alarms in the alarm status table.

Any assistance is much appreciated,

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You could enable auto-ack of cleared alarms? This would auto-remove the cleared unack alarms from your active list (as they would be auto-acknowledged). This is a setting in the tag alarm configuration if this will get you what you want. You could also filter out showing cleared alarms altogether. Otherwise, I think you're out of luck in the standard alarm status table. You would need to craft your own table using system.alarm.queryStatus