Perspective Alarm Status Table, Marquee

Is there a "marquee mode" for the perspective Alarm Status Table like there is for the vision equivalent?

I found this topic which suggests it was considered, but I didn't find anything that indicated it was ever completed.

If there isn't a dedicated setting for it, is this something that could be accomplished by CSS magic?

I'm currently using Ignition 8.1.17


The marquee mode has not been brought to the Perspective Alarm Status Table as of yet. There is a post on our ideas and features board asking to implement this feature here: Perspective Alarm Marquee/banner | Voters | Inductive Automation. Adding your vote to this idea will give it more priority when our developers go to take a look at what the community is asking for when planning future updates.

As for rolling your own solution, there is almost certainly a way to get something working if you're comfortable with CSS. While not directly related to the Alarm Status Table, there are some other forum posts regarding creating a marquee board type solution that you could use as a starting point Perspective Marquee Table - #2 by Cody_Daniel.