Perspective Alarm Status Table Query loading


In our Perspective project, the alarm status table component rows are displayed after 30 seconds of loading. (default filters are activeUnacked and activeAcked).
Our Database is MS SQL Server 2019 and Ignition version is 8.1.10.

It seems that the component load all rows before apply filters because when I manually change the filters , then number of page displayed is immediatly displayed.
When I remove all filters, I’ve 15000 rows in my table.

I try to catch the exact query of this component by using the SQL Server Profiler tool but I can’t see it.
My goal is to create adapted indexes to improve the display time of this component.

Does anyone knows the exact query oh this component ?
or how to optimize display?


Could you able to change evenID as indx .
This will improve the performance.

The Alarm Status table doesn’t care about or use your database at all.

You should get in contact with support, who can help identify the slowdown. Things should also improve in 8.1.13, where you can opt-in to a batching/caching system for some Perspective data queries, so that each session isn’t actively querying for unique data all the time.

Also, 15,000 live alarms is probably an anti-pattern.

Thank you for your response.
What is the difference between live alarms and Active alarms ?
Indeed, in the alarm status table, I found 15 active alarms (activeUnacked + activeAcked).
The others have a clearAcked state.

I don’t understand why it’s anti-pattern.
I’ve 6 UDT whith 10 to 20 alarms each and about 1000 total instances of these UDT.
I cant’ do less.

I notice that each time I add an instance, I’ve a new row in Alarm Status Table for each alarm of the UDT with the alarm date corresponding to add date.