Perspective Alarm Status Table

I want to show the alarms in the alarm status table.
When a user doubleclicks at an alarm then a new view should open (the new view shows how the operator can solve this alarm)
But i noticed it doesn’t even react to my doubleclick event when double click an alarm.

How can I let it respond to an doubleclick and getting the double clicked alarm properties as well?

The Alarm Status Table is not able to do what you’re describing in its current form. Not only is the onDoubleClick Event the same generic event other components have (you have no insight into what part of the component was double-clicked), but there is also no property to describe the alarms currently selected.

In order to perform what you’re describing, you would need to build your own query for alarms and use the Table component to display the data, while using the onRowDoubleClick Event to open the new View.

And there is also not a possibility to add an extra column in the alarm status table, which is just a button or something what opens a new view with an ID what identifies the alarm?

No, the Alarm Status Table does not allow for inserting custom columns.

Does IA have any plans to add those feature to alarm status table like vision?
I need to show associated data of alarm.
How about alarm duration there is not such item in the column list.