Perspective alarm table - non of terms are translated?

Ignition 8.1.1

Hi @ynejati,

Does alarm status table perspective component support any translation ?

I try to translate some terms with the translation manager, for example State, Priority, Select Filters, Show All,…
but none of them are translated ? do I miss something or translation is not ever supported for this component ?


in perspective session: session.props.locale = fr


do someone have the same issue that the alarm label or display path are not translated in the alarm journal and status on perspective ?

Do someone have a work around?


The alarm status and journal table not being translatable is a known issue that’s actively under development. Due to code lead times, the earliest a fix would likely be available is 8.1.3.

Ho @PGriffith,

Thanks for the feedback. As you can understand this is a major issue for country with multiple languages (like us in Belgium).
Can we have alarms in multi language by another way?


Within the actual alarm status table component, no. You could query the alarms yourself using a scripting function and render them on a table (after looping through the dataset yourself and translating the items) - but it’s a significant amount of effort and probably won’t ever look quite the same as the first party component.

Ok, like it’s done on demo project.
but after test the table component also don’t support translation.
if it’s implemented on 8.1.3 when can we expect to have it ? March ?
I ask this question because i’ve curently a project in dev that needs multi language and need to be done around April.
It would be nice to add some note to the user manual. This would avoid getting surprise during dev.


Right now our calendar has 8.1.3 out the beginning of March. But neither that nor 8.1.3 being the version with this fix are guaranteed; dev and QA work still haven’t been completed, so it’s basically impossible to guarantee a timeline.