Perspective: alarms texts localization issue

One of my alarms Display Path property is the result of an expression like this:

concat("Alrm bench#",{benchNr}," - ",translate("Charger line fault or offline"))

Even if a translation for Charger line fault or offline has been added into the Translation Manager, the alarm text in the Alarm Status Table gets not translated.
Any suggestion?

Thanks, regards

Ignition 8.1.17 (b2022051210), Perspective Module

After some more testing, I saw that if the expression is as simple as:

translate("Charger line fault or offline")

translation works smoothly. But as soon as I add some more functions like concat or I try chaining a string to the translate result with a +, translation fails.

Does the translation function simply not work, or are you getting "Alrm bench{benchNr}, - translate("Charger line fault or offline") literally inside the expression tag?

Hi Mikhail, sorry for being back to you so late. No, it does not work at all. As a workaround a moved the benchNr info to the Label field. It would be nice if I could use the DisplayPath instead, as I initially thought.
Thanks, regards