Perspective AlarmStatus Table

When I change the display path to '/Furnace7_Email_Alarms/ the AlarmStatus table displays correct.
After awhile the display path filtering does not work unless I erase the display path and rewrite it.
Any ideas?

I also have this problem. If I put a path in /filters/conditions/displayPath, the alarms show up in the designer, but not in the running project. The project always shows “There are no active alarms”. This even happens when I put a path of * in /filters/conditions/displayPath.
I just recently upgraded from 8.0.5 to 8.0.9 to see if it would help. Still have the issue.

Did you try *part/of/expected/path*? The filtering is supposed to behave like the filtering for the Vision Alarm Status table.

Thanks for the reply. My path is [default]Toda01. I put in Toda01. When I do this, the alarms show up in the designer ok, just not on the live project, it says “There are no active alarms”.
This also happens when I put in simply *. All of the alarms show up as expected in the designer only. “No active alarms” is on the very same page on the live project webpage.

For some reason the *'s are deleted in my last post. I tried " Toda01 " without the quotes. Same issue

Try putting it within single backticks " ` ".

Again deleted the astericks I tried asterickToda01astericks.


Those look like single quotes, not backticks; it’s not important, I understand what you’re trying to convey. I’m looking into it.

Given the following preconditions:

  1. Two alarms are active.
  2. One alarm has Display path of “ExpressionTests/One”
  3. One alarm has Display path of “Boolean/One”.

Here is the behavior I’m seeing:

  1. Providing a text of “Boolean/One” results in “There are no active alarms”.
  2. Providing a text of “*Boolean*” results in the expected alarm being displayed, and has all of the information for my alarm.
  3. Providing a text of “*” results in all of my alarms becoming visible, which is expected because that should be interpreted as “anything”.

This is the same action that I see. Except, when I Launch Session there are no alarms shown. THey only show up in the designer for some reason.

Perhaps a difference is that I have >1 Alarm Status table? I have one unfiltered for everything, and am trying to set up a filtered one for only unit 1.

Also, the alarm status table is in the following structure on the page:
The container is a flex container. Not sure if any of this matters.

The page structure shouldn’t matter at all.
When is the last time you saved the project? Make sure you completely remove the filter in the Designer, then save your project, and then examine your Session. If you want to send me a copy of the view.json file for the View in question, I could take a look at it.

Thanks again for looking at this. I save the project after every change.
I removed all of the filters and saved. All of the alarms showed up as expected in the designer as well as the running project. I then added back the filters - States activeAck and activeUnack, and priorities low,med,high,critical and saved. All of the alarms showed up in both the designer and on the project.
When I tried to add a filter for displayPath - just a single astericks, there are 22 results within filters in the designer, but in the project I see 0 result within filters. File attached. (48.0 KB)