Perspective AlarmStatusTable Timezone

Currently running Ignition 8.1.1, on a server in the Australia/Adelaide timezone, connecting to databases (where the alarms are stored) also configured in the Australia/Adelaide region. Databases are MariaDB using the DATETIME data type, so there’s no timezone conversion going on there.

A perspective project has the project timezone configured to browser timezone.


We’re using the Perspective AlarmStatusTable to show Active Time and Ack Time of an alarm, however, the active time doesn’t change based to the either the Session Timezone or Device Timezone when correctly defined in the session properties.

For example, this client showing their session properties. Now is “now() + " " + getTimezone()”, session TZ ID is “session.props.timeZoneId” and Device TZ ID is "{} + “, utcOffset:” + {session.props.device.timezone.utcOffset} ".


But an AlarmStatusTable shows the following:


Which is exactly the same output as another session:


With the AlarmStatusTable showing:


However, the PowerChart component does appear to show the correct times.

If this is the correct behaviour (AlarmStatusTable always shows times based on the server timezone), then what’s an effective way we could change this so that the time shown is based on the session/client?


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As a follow up, this was fixed in 8.1.10 (IGN-2315) along with other Perspective time zone issues.