Perspective Analytics

While we use Perspective to measure and monitor a lot of company assets, there is not an easy way to measure the overall usage of Perspective itself in general. We have about 100 users now across the organization. Currently, we only have a script to log the user when he/she opens and sees a view.

We have a new year goal, the management in our company would like to see Ignition Analytics, like histories/trends of Users, Sessions, Bounce Rate, Session Duration, Time spent on each view, how long PowerChart was used, etc. We already have hundreds of views. It is impossible to go into each view and write script to keep track of each of them. This analysis is important to the company as a tool to lay the roadmap for Ignition in the organization.

Is there any 3rd party module that can do this for us easily?

I don't have a good answer for you, but I'm very interested to see what the community comes up with.

Obviously you could go through the tedious task of implementing all this yourself with Perspective scripting, and I've never heard of a 3rd party module that does this.

However, I wonder if there are analytics tools that work as an http proxy that could run alongside igntition? I don't know how much "stuff" is handled in the browser locally vs communicated to the gateway.

Anyone know of a way to achieve this?