Perspective and cell phone instruments


We’re playing with the new ignition 8 and want to know if with perspective in HTML5 mode can use the cellphone instruments.

We have a demo with perspective app (android) where you can read a barcode with the cell phone camera, but I don’t know if this feature works under the HTML5 implementation (without installing the perspective app).

Thanks in advance.

Well, you can easily find out - just connect to the same gateway you’re using in the app through a mobile browser. Generally speaking, in browsers camera support is hit and miss - most mobile browsers seem to support it, most desktop ones do not, but there’s no guarantee either way, but it’s not explicitly prevented - the app just guarantees that it will work.

Also, it’s important to know there’s no “HTML5” vs “non-HTML5” mode - it’s all the same, whether you’re in a mobile browser, mobile app, or desktop browser - Perspective is always rendering “using” HTML.