Perspective and virtual keyboards

I have been having a play with using various onscreen keyboards for one of our perspective apps, however most seem to have issues with perspective. I guess it’s from some of reacts nuances. We are not running these on windows, but on a linux based thin client. The thin client has support for a virtual keyboard via a chrome extension, however when you use these, the text populates into the text field on the webpage itself, but when you reference the text property it’s always empty. We are working with the thin client developers to get a native on screen keyboard working, but just wondering if there’s any other way around it?

We are going try and use rockwells thinmanager and running chrome in a container from there with the onscreen keyboard module, so hopefully this will work, but I guess there’s a chance it may result in the same.

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I’m working with Thinmanager to get a Perspective application running. Cannot find a good example of configuring the AppLink path in Thinmanager.

This is what I’m starting with:
Program Name:
“C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition\launch-homepage.bat”

Command Line Options:
Start in the following folder: