Perspective APK download for virtual android device

Anyone know how to run the perspective app in an virtualised android device?
Is there an official APK that can be downloaded manually?

I have tried to download the app from google play using android studio (Android virtual device manager).
After connecting to google play, and searching “Ignition Perspective”, i get “this app is incompatible with your device

I have tried several images, but always get the same message.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. There were some features we used that were required to install that didn’t need to be. We removed the restrictions for future versions, so the app should be visible in the emulators Play Store in the next day or two.

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It there in the Play store now:)

One more thing, I currently run 8 emulated devices, but in Status>Connections>Perspective Sessions> i only see one session. And when investigating further i see that all devices actually have the same session ID!

When i open that session i see 8 pages. Which i think is the actual emulated devices

How can i get separate sessions? Or maybe there is an issue in the Perspective module?

That’s more up to the android device emulation - it’s not totally separating the network stack for the different devices. There might be a setting that changes that behavior in the emulator.

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I am getting the same problem with the Honeywell CK-65 Android computer/Barcode scanner. Google play says my device is not compatible…
I told Honeywell and after testing they said it will not install because your software requires that the device has Cellular connectivity option which the CK-65 does not have. Hard to believe Cellular connectivity would be required…
What can I do?

The issue is from a Camera permission that wasn’t set correctly in our app. The app should be available for install again in the next couple days.

You were answered in the topic you created:

By an IA employee, no less. Did you not believe Kevin?

Sorry, I had problems and I thought my first question did not go through.

I certainly believed him!

Thanks all for your help

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