Perspective App - Android Host Invalid


I tried to set up Perspective app on my android device. I have modem router where Ignition 8.0.2 is installed and android device linked in to this router. When I lunch app and manually add Ignition ip address it gave me error “Host Invalid”.
I tried with SSL off and on.
this is address I have been trying: ( is Ignition server IP)

Thanks in advance

What address does the phone have? (Go to Settings=>System=>About=>Status on modern android.) If it is not in the same subnet as the Ignition server, you may need routing rules or pinholes on your router.

That looks like it’s most likely the LAN address for your installation. If you’re going to be using a mobile device to connect to it, save yourself some time now and adjust the ports on your router to forward port 8088 traffic through to the supplied IP:port. After doing this, you should supply the IP of your modem - instead of the LAN IP of your Gateway.

This should then also allow you to access your Gateway even when not on the same subnet. You’ll want to make sure that your Gateway isn’t constantly re-acquiring a new IP (highly probable if the Gateway is on a laptop and you move around), but this is a better long-term solution for you.

It was router blocking the traffic. After we connected Android device to corporate network everything works fine.

Thanks for your help.

how to supply the IP of my modem - instead of the LAN IP of my Gateway

like for internal use or are you trying to host it online?