Perspective App doesn't find the Gateway automatically, I can not manually input a Gateway host name and port for my local WiFi network

Perspective App doesn't find the Gateway automatically, and I can not manually input a Gateway host name and port for my local WiFi network. I tried to enter the IPAddress to connect to the Ignition Gateway. Ignition App did not find the project.

Why not? Set your gateway machine to a fixed IP address (and related settings). seems to be the address of the router or AC, are you sure your ignition server address is

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In addition to confirming this, you'll also want to add the port to the end of the IP address (default is 8088). If using the default port and the IP is correct, then the full address to enter would be

Thanks for your response concern my problem! I tried to enter full address, but Ignition App returns that Host invalid.

Please describe your network in detail. Go to each machine and look at its IP address--include that information in your description. Do note that a network configuration's "gateway" is not an Ignition gateway.

Dear Phil!

I am trying to connect my smartphone with macbook using mobile wifi.

See the screenshots below.

I am not use a wiring network.



It looks like the desktop you're running ignition on has an IP address of

Try using this in the Perspective app instead.

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Consider also trying http://desktop-sqc7tb0:8088/. Many upstream DHCP/DNS/router combo devices will inject such local device names into their local DNS, enabling a local "dynamic DNS" functionality that will allow you to not worry about changing IP addresses.

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Dear Friends!

I made an attempt. Unfortunately, Ignition App reported Host invalid.

What else can we do!


Excuse me. This is the true screnshot.

Do you need to turn the firewall off on the PC hosting the Ignition Gateway? Or do you need to add firewall exceptions for 8088 to that PC?

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Ignition App found the Gateway on my mobile network after turning off the firewall.

A Lot of Thanks for Your Solution.

Sincerely Yours

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