Perspective App for Android not compatible? Missing cellular device?


I am getting a problem with the Honeywell CK-65 Android computer/Barcode scanner. trying to find and install Perspective Client for Android. Google play says my device is not compatible… It is running Version Android version 8
I told Honeywell and after testing they said it will not install because your software requires that the device has Cellular connectivity option which the CK-65 does not have. Hard to believe Cellular connectivity would be required…
What can I do?

I’m not super familiar with our mobile apps so I’ll point someone to this thread on Monday, but I did overhear something recently about how one of the requirements for the app is a camera and that the next release will lift that requirement.

Does your device have a camera?

Hello Kevin,
(French name you have… do you speak French?)

Thanks for the fast response.

This device has a Scanner Head which should be seen as a camera.
Honeywell successfully tested with the model which is just above this one and the main difference between the two is the cellular capabilities.

I will keep in touch with Honeywell and forward your comments.


Mostly English heritage, no French that I’m aware of.

Turns out we have this device in house for testing and it does not report as having a camera.

The next release of the Perspective app should allow you to install it on this device.

Ok Kevin, thanks. I will forward your answer to Honeywell.

And Thanks gain!

And one more question Kevin: Any idea when the new version which should work for me is coming out?

By next week some time, if not this week. QA still has some testing to do.