Perspective App: force only one app at time


there is a way to force only one APP opened at time on a device?
Every times operators click the launch icon a new application is opened.. so happens that there are 4-5 identical application running on same device.. :cold_face:

You could script something on session events to kill off older sessions that have the same device ID.

Ok! It means that there isn't a "special setting" to do this!



It's the same as pretty much every other website.
What problem is it having multiple tabs or windows open on the same application?


i think that it's a nonsense to have 4-5 times the same application running on same device in a production enviroment. I'm using only 10 device active per time but if they open the app 4-5 times i have 50 apps running.. Does a Perspective app in background consume resources in device? Does the Ingition server reserve resources?

I don't disagree that, depending on the use case, a single device probably has no need to run more than one application, however, there are also applications where it's completely feasible. For instance, I have a single application that gives access to analysis tools across 3 different facilities. Some upper management users often have 3 applications open, 1 for each facility.

If you're approaching this from the perspective of being prepared for a high load, and it isn't currently happening, then okay. If you're approaching it from a perspective of it's currently happening and you're trying to prevent it, then perhaps the question you should be asking is why do/would the operators feel the need to launch an additional application? What problem are the operators trying to solve?

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ok, i agree with you that in a lot of cases is usefull having more applications opened! I'm not telling that is a bug. I wanted to know if there is a predefined setting to avoid this because in my scenario is a nonsense.

The devices are "Zebra TC52" and "Zebra MC3300" with Android. Operators doesn't want to launch application more than once.. they press the "show apps" button on device and they open a new application instead of showing the already running one!