Perspective App goes straight to forbidden access

Trying to launch any perspective URL the system doesn’t allow any users to access the web page and instead goes straight to the “Access Forbidden” landing screen. Even when permissions are changed to public nothing changes. Another odd thing is the access forbidden page doesn’t have the “sign out” button that it usually has on it. Has anyone ever experienced this before?

Any chance you can share the Project’s permissions as a screenshot? Do you encounter this while launching from the Designer, or from other locations, or on the App? Your post makes it sound like multiple users are encountering this, but you don’t specify the origin of the requests. Depending on Security Level settings, it’s possible to lock access to a range of IPs or other conditions, so could you provide insight into your Security Level configurations if you have any? Do you have any View/Page/Session startup events in place?

The sign out button would only be present if a user is already signed in. If your users are getting blocked before they even authenticate then I wouldn’t expect the button to be present.