Perspective App Improving Speed

Hi All,

I am just wondering whether anyone has feedback on improving speed/loading times for Perspective mobile apps (iOS/Android). Are there any tips you can recommend for better speed/loading times?

It seems depending on the time of day our pages can load very quickly on mobile phone - but at other times these same pages can a couple seconds to fully load or crash.

This problem could be linked to our wireless network but I am just wondering if its anything anyone else has seen before and can make any recommendations?

Thank You

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The difference in load times at various times of day is almost certainly tied to the mobile network.

As a general rule of thumb, the more “data” a Page/View has, the “longer” it will take to load. Now, each component is minor in the grand scheme, but any additional custom properties, bindings, scripts, transforms, message handlers will each add some small amount of time to load a View.

So, in essence - and in keeping with general rules of web development - if you want a View to load fast, then you should only give it what it must absolutely have.

If you don’t need an image, don’t place one.
If you don’t need a full table in a given View, then only get the data you need.
If you have component values which are bound to Query values, consider doing the query before the View is opened and supplying the relevant value as a param to the View.
If you do need Query bindings, consider reducing the poll rate.

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