Perspective App Managed Configuration

I am trying to pass a parameter to the default view using the /:parameterName syntax for the URL. The parameter may be changed between devices so I need the ability to customize the URL for each device running the perspective application.

As far as I can tell the only way to achieve this without using a browser is to used managed configurations for the applications. This seems to require an EMM system to be setup for all the devices running perspective (Samsung Tablets). Is there a particular EMM solution that is recommended? Is there any way to circumvent using EMM and modify the URL within the perspective application directly?

Please elaborate. Some made-up examples of how the URLs will differ, and what triggers the difference from the user’s end, perhaps.

Hi Phil,

The application is a plant floor data entry application for a 9-line plant where the exposed functionality will change based on the line where the particular tablet is stationed. So the only page in perspective has the URL //:lineName, and the goal is to configure the tablets so that the application on the line 1 tablet would launch Project_URL/Line_1, the application on the line 2 tablet would launch Project_URL/Line_2, etc.

This is currently achieved by mapping the tablet hostname to a line in a database the perspective application can access through web service calls.

I also explored the possibility of putting a hidden configuration file on each tablet but it appears the perspective application currently has restricted capabilities accessing local data on the device.

I am trying to avoid introducing an EMM unless totally necessary since this is not in the project scope and may introduce additional costs and security concerns.


Consider not using a URL parameter but Perspective’s Device ID instead. It isn’t guaranteed to not change, but is currently the most reliable such item. Have your application start on a generic view that looks up this ID in your DB to find the appropriate line, then triggers navigation to the correct view. If not found in the DB, navigate instead to a"Commissioning" page that allows the user to select the correct line (once). Or admin-protected, perhaps.

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I have the same issue. When you say Device ID, do you then mean the Device Identifier in the Session props?
Where is this ID generated? What do you mean with it isn’t guaranteed to not change…?
Can I see it on an iPad or do I need to look it up through the session props for each device that I want to connect?

I want to create a data table with all the iPads we use and set different startup parameters based on that.