Perspective App Navigation Different than Browser

In my main project, I am redirecting to another project via the URL. This works great when running in a web browser.

When I run this from the Ignition Perspective app, it opens a web browser and attempts to navigate to that URL.

Any way to keep the session in the app?

If you perform page navigation instead, and supply the configured page URL.

If it’s in a different project, will that still work?

I have tried doing that and it gives me
View Not Found
No view configured for this page

Because it’s in a different project.
If in a web browser, it works fine it just navigates you to a different page within the web browser but as soon as you use system.perspective.navigate(url=differentProjectURL) it takes you out of the app and into your default web browser.

How do achieve the same behavior running a project in a web browser and in the app?

I don’t believe the app supports cross-project navigation. I don’t remember the exact reasoning for the limitation. I’ve reached out to our mobile developer in the hopes that he can chime in on explaining why, or perhaps provide a workaround.

I made it work. The first project was found and added through the app as a launchable project.

Then the button I had on the screen to navigate to the other project had url=“localhost:8088/data/pers…”
This works when running from my laptop because the private IP of Ignition and localhost is the same on the laptop.

Once I switched the button navigation from localhost to the private IP, it worked properly.

Instead of using a hard-coded IP, I would suggest using the session props to obtain the gateway address. Then if your Gateway ever moves you won’t have to repair the incorrect IP.
something like this:

system.perspective.navigate( + "/data/perspective/client/MyProject/PathToPage")

If we access the project via a domain name instead of IP, will it show the IP address in or will it be the domain name?

It looks like you need to configure what is shown if you’re using 8.1.10. If you’re using an earlier version then it will only be the IP: Session Properties - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation